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Buckingham Virginia Slate RoofBuckingham Virginia Buckingham Virginia Slate is one of the hardest slates in the world. The slate's resistance to wear along with the beauty of the natural cleft face, have made this unfading slate highly popular for exterior use. Read more...
Vermont Slate RoofVermont Slate From quarries in Vermont choose from an extensive selection of colors and blends. Read more...
Pennsylvania Grey Slate RoofPennsylvania Grey Pennsylvania slate runs to the blue/grey tones, the tones known as sky-color blends. It is one of the most versatile of roofing materials lending itself to any style of lay dictated by the architecture of the building. Read more...

GAF-ELK TruSlate Slate RoofGAF TruSlate The TruSlate system from GAF can make your dream of owning ­a genuine slate roof a reality. Read more...
Spanish Del Carmen Slate RoofSpanish Del Carmen Del Carmen is specially and exclusively quarried from the Del Carmen quarry in Spain and rank among the best roofing slates available. Read more...
Argentinan Riverstone SlateArgentinan RiverstoneMined from the San Luis quarry in the La Florida region of central Argentina, Riverstone is beautiful, cost-effective and guaranteed to perform to the most demanding standards. Read more...








Slate Hill: A leading distributor of slate roofing materials.

The Slate Hill StaffFor over 30 years The Roof Center has been a leading distributor of slate roofing materials through their Bethesda, Maryland location. Over the years the large stocking yard of slate expanded to the back of the location on a hill. The branch was forever referred to as "Slate HIll".

We have one of the largest inventory of roofing slate, recycled slate, synthetic slate and accessories in the entire country. Many customers will visit us to view samples up close when deciding on a color and style that is right for their project.

If you are looking to purchase slate roofing materials for your next project, contact us at (301) 656-9231 or slate@roofcenter.com for a free quote.

We Sell Synthetic Slate From Leading Manufacturers

Carlisle EcoStar Synthetic SlateEcoStar EcoStar's extensive product offering provides numerous alternatives to traditional steep-slope roofing products, offering an eco-friendly and aesthetically appealing solution for virtually any steep-slope application. Read more...
CertainTeed Symphony Synthetic SlateCertainTeed Symphony Symphony is a masterpiece of synthetic slate design with enduring qualities of tooled craftsmanship, natural beauty, and harmony. Read more...
Inspire Roofing Synthetic SlateInspire Roofing Products InSpire is the next generation of premium roofing products. It’s a perfect combination of the natural beauty found in slate along with the most technologically advanced methods and materials. Read more...
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